Our Vision

Hawaii Concussion Awareness and Management Program (HCAMP) is an organization intended to provide Hawaii’s physically active community and medical community with evidence based research education, support and resources to manage concussions.

Our Mission

Hawaii Concussion Awareness and Management Program's goal is to ensure the health and safety of Hawaii’s students. To achieve this goal, HCAMP will:

» Educate parents, coaches, teachers, school administrators, youth organizations and sports officials about the signs and symptoms of concussions and about the potential catastrophic injury if the student returns to physical activity before fully recovered.

» Provide our stakeholders with resources in the community, schools, and nationally to help manage and treat concussions.

» Provide our stakeholders with a possible plan of action should a student be concussed in their organization. The plan of action will outline the actions from onset to return to learning to return to physical play.

» Collaborate with individuals or organizations to increase and share the body of knowledge of mild traumatic brain injury in Hawaii and across the nation.